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Our mission is to make theory make sense, one byte at a time.

We produce short, insightful eBooks that provide straight-forward introductions to complex topics in social theory. Our eBooks are like mini-textbooks that focus on a single topic, and remain sharp and to the point.

Each eBook provides clarity on a topic that tertiary educators have found hard to teach, or a common area of misunderstanding.

We insist our authors avoid esoteric technical jargon, and write in ways that are immediately accessible for college and university students, and those new to the field in question.

Our eBooks are written by expert authors, and subjected to editorial review and peer-appraisal. We seek public endorsements from experts in the field so you can be sure what you’re reading is reliable.

We recognise the important part that public review and debate plays in the success of our eBooks, and use the feedback from readers in the Kindle marketplace to improve future editions of our works.