What is Poststructuralism?

What is Poststructuralism? eBook cover AUTHOR: Robert John Parkes

SERIES: Making Theory Make Sense

DESCRIPTION: Poststructuralism is one of the most important social theories to have emerged from Europe in the late Twentieth Century, yet it remains notoriously difficult to define. In this concise introductory text, Robert John Parkes provides: (1) an original and accessible guide to the three orientations that underpin poststructural thought; (2) a brief genealogy of poststructuralism including an exploration of its relationship to the philosophy of structuralism; and (3) a succinct response to the main criticisms of poststructural theory. Deliberately short and to the point, this will be a welcome text for busy university students and scholars wanting to gain a rapid understanding of poststructural thought.

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FORMAT: Kindle Edition eBook

PUBLICATION DATE: 28 October 2012



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